Trends in fiscal policy of india essay

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This essay examines the trajectory of India’s fiscal policy with a focus on historical trends, fiscal discipline frameworks, and fiscal responses to the global financial crisis and subsequent return to a fiscal consolidation path.

Industrial licensing policy – New industrial policy abolished all industrial licensing, irrespective of the level of investment, except for a short list of 18 industries related to the security and strategic concerns, social reasons, hazardous chemicals and over riding environmental reasons and items of elitist elleandrblog.comr, of these 18 industries, 13 categories have been removed.

World energy consumption

Subsidies are one of the quintessential attributes of any welfare state. India, at the eve of independence was left with uphill task of socio-economic development. Markets were almost nonexistence, masses lived in abject poverty and illiteracy, we were not producing enough food to satiate hunger of.

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Trends in fiscal policy of india essay
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